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Love, Health and Wealth for 2015! Janet Blessings

See how you can make 2015 the best year of your life with guidance from my Spirit Guide, White Eagle, in a special New Years private session.

With the extraordinarily loving, healing and humorous experience that is White Eagle you will be guided through 2015 to create change and access the best potential your life can have. 

These special 30-45 minute sessions are profound and illuminating, and made easily accessible with flexible scheduling via phone from any place and time zone in the world.

Contact Janet Blessings to schedule now 619-866-4405/

This loving offer is available to purchase only through December 31, 2014 but can be used anytime! 

2015 White Eagle Session $44

Only $44 for a 30-45 minute session. (The time is flexible when we have a session with Spirit!)

Use the PayPal button now for yourself or others, and buy as many as you like to get guidance throughout the year! You must purchase before December 31, 2014 to ensure this special rate.  


Life Path Readings will transform you! 

“I have seen some amazing results in people who have taken this Life Path Reading from Janet Blessings. These sessions with Janet take you to the core where your soul originated and came into being. Once this is determined the corporeal intelligence comes forward and takes part in life again. The cells rearrange and align moving out of resistance and make conscious choices to live fully and freely as intended. This is very important for all of us as a society right now. Go for it with true gusto and you won’t regret it!Beatrex Quntanna, Psychic

You Can Channel with Private Channeling training!

“What It Is Like To Channel” by Janet Lightstone Blessings

The energy of my Spirit Guide is like a sentient love, filling my entire being with it’s light. The feeling can be overwhelming. Love becomes a force field, a power, an entity. I feel love in it’s purest form when I channel. When my Guide enters into my physical form and we are one in mind, heart, body and soul. It raises my vibration so that I begin to heat up, sometimes sweating. The energy of love flows Janet Blessingsthrough me and I feel the energy build in my throat, or the back of my head or my heart as my guide uses my voice to speak. I don’t know what words or thoughts will come, only that I must trust, let go, and allow.

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Want a channeled reading with Janet’s Spirit Guide White Eagle?

White Eagle Channeling

I channel my Spirit Guide and Master Teacher, White Eagle.  His messages can be profoundly healing and enlightening. I recommend this experience for those who are in need of support and guidance.
I conduct private channelings of White Eagle by appointment via phone and record it in MP3 format.
Private White Eagle Channel: $119 (approx. 30 to 60 minutes)
To set up your time contact Janet: / 619-866-4405/skype: janet.lightstone

And Enjoy our monthly “Cosmic Check In” with Beatrex and Janet on YouTube

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