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Janet BlessingsJanet uses your astrology information, Tarot and Spirit’s Guidance to personally send you these monthly cosmic and psychic readings. These are personal to your life path. Each Moon Cycle reading will arrive via e-mail the Monday prior to the new and full moons each month.

   Endorsed by renown psychic author, teacher and astrologer Beatrex Quntanna of You Tube’s “Cosmic Check In with Beatrex”

Here is a sample of how people love their readings:

“This is amazing! This definitely helps me understand my flow during the next couple weeks, what I can expect and how to properly go with the current taking advantage of the power behind each moon stage…etc. I love it because it prepares me so that I have no underlying surprises when I act certain way or something comes up during this time. Everything you wrote in regards to my chart, my tarot card you pulled and even the message from spirit resonates and are exactly what’s going on in my present moment. Thank you for such clarity. I will definitely be needing more of this guidance from you moving forward.” ~ DG

“This reading couldn’t have hit the nail on the head any harder for me right now! These last few weeks I’ve been feeling a strong pull to go on a pilgrimage of overcoming big obstacles in my life, and I’m considering the possibility of making a trip I’ve been only dreaming about for many years, a reality. The messages here are loud and clear, and comforting. Thank you, Janet!” ~ BB

2014 is the Year of Awareness. This is the time to be aware of how cosmic energy is influencing your life and to take action! NOW you can create the life you have been praying for.

Get the important information from the Cosmos and Spirit to guide you through a successful and joyful 2014!

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Moon Cycle readings go out twice a month the Mondays before the New Moons the Full Moons. Payment is automatically applied once a month. If have questions or need help signing up contact Janet at

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