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Janet Blessings

Wishing you a joy filled life full of miracles and wonder. 

Living life intuitively awake, psychically aware and spiritually connected is a life fully realized. It is time to embrace your gifts and honor who you truly are!

We offer many ways to grow!

~ Intimate LIVE on-line classes for 2016! – These small interactive classes will awaken you to your psychic senses and connect you with your guides in a deep and profound way!

Private Psychic Trainingone on one sessions via phone or Skype with Janet to learn channeling, spiritual healing, psychic readings, tarot, and more!

~ Psychic Readings – More than just predictions these readings can help you create the life you want!

Life Path Readings will transform you! 

“I have seen some amazing results in people who have taken this Life Path Reading from Janet Blessings. These sessions with Janet take you to the core where your soul originated and came into being. Once this is determined the corporeal intelligence comes forward and takes part in life again. The cells rearrange and align moving out of resistance and make conscious choices to live fully and freely as intended. This is very important for all of us as a society right now. Go for it with true gusto and you won’t regret it!Beatrex Quntanna, Psychic

To set up your time contact Janet: / 619-866-4405/skype: janet.lightstone

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