Living A Life Guided By Spirit!


 Your psychic gifts are growing, now what?

Psychic training expert, Janet Kadow teaches psychic classes, offers psychic readings and private spiritual training for beginners and professionals.

Janet Kadow teaches you how to:

Reveal your hidden gifts! 

Awaken your true potential!

With her unique and powerful methods, she offers classes, private training, readings and more…

You can learn:

  • How to Channel

  • How to Read Tarot

  • How to do Spirit Healing

  • How to be a Medium

  • How to Build a Psychic Business

  • How to Use Your Intuition … and more!

~ Intimate LIVE online classes for 2019! – These small interactive classes will awaken you to your psychic senses and connect you with your guides in a deep and profound way!

Private Psychic Trainingone on one sessions via phone or Skype with Janet to learn channeling, spiritual healing, psychic readings, tarot, and more!

~ Psychic Readings – More than just predictions these readings can help you create the life you want!

To set up your time, ask questions, and learn more from Janet:

voice message: 505-445-4440 

text message: 505-718-9340 (text only)

skype: janet.lightstone

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e-mail: phone: 505-445-4440