Psychic Awakening Classes, Readings and Training with Spirit


Janet Blessings teaches you how to:

Reveal your hidden gifts! 

Awaken your true potential!

Classes, private training, readings and more!

You can learn: *How to Channel * How to Read Tarot *How to do Spirit Healing* How to be a Medium* How to Build a Psychic Business* How to Use Your Intuition* … AND MORE!

~ Intimate LIVE on-line classes for 2017! – These small interactive classes will awaken you to your psychic senses and connect you with your guides in a deep and profound way!

Private Psychic Trainingone on one sessions via phone or Skype with Janet to learn channeling, spiritual healing, psychic readings, tarot, and more!

~ Psychic Readings – More than just predictions these readings can help you create the life you want!

 To set up your time contact Janet: / 505-445-4440/skype: janet.lightstone


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e-mail: phone: 505-445-4440 Skype: janet.lightstone