White Eagle in San Diego

  White Eagle is an Ascended Master who has brought love and wisdom to the Earth for eons. His wisdom gets to the heart of truth and helps us live a joyful life.

Join us!

Spirit Guide, Master White Eagle, shares intimate chats with small groups in private living rooms in San Diego this May! 


Dates and locations listed below!


        White Eagle is a wonderful source of wisdom and personal guidance that creates a loving space with humor and joy. In this setting, he will open with a topic to share with the group followed by a Q&A with questions of your choice. All topics personal or universal are welcome with him! 

We can only have 6 attendees per location. The first six to sign up per location will be confirmed! Signing up ASAP is recommended. Location addresses will be sent the day before the event along with any special instructions for parking, etc.

*Some of the residences have pets so please keep that in mind if you have allergies.* 

Use this PayPal link to RSVP and *make a note on the payment page which day you are attending*:           https://www.paypal.me/janetblessings/44


Friday, May 18 * 10am to Noon * San Carlos, San Diego, Hosted by Stefani* RSVP by May 16. 

Wednesday, May 23 *2pm to 4pm* North Park, San Diego, Hosted by Chand Dyal* RSVP by May 21

Friday, May 25 *2pm to 4pm* Hillcrest, San Diego, Hosted by Rand* RSVP May 23.

Janet Blessings has been channeling White Eagle for groups and individuals for over 15 years!

White Eagle is a guide to understanding the wisdom of the ages

        These channeled transmissions are direct teachings by Ascended Master, White Eagle.  At each event, White Eagle will share with us a timely and tailored topic relatable to those who attend and then offer an open forum.  He speaks in a conversational style that engages the attendees and invites participation. Each gathering will be unique so you may wish to attend them all! 

For questions and more information contact Janet:                    lightstoneacademy@gmail.com/505-445-4440