The Sacred Laws

Spiritual awakening carries with it profound power. The power to know what others do not know, the power to see what others do not see, the power to feel what others do not feel. With the gift of this power we grow in wisdom, we discover our multidimensional selves, we connect with beings outside of space and time and then our lives begin as awakened beings.

Many of us have had profound experiences in our awakenings, yet the spiritual path is not simple nor easy to continue without understanding of the Sacred Laws. The Sacred Laws are what Spirit hold and must follow in its interactions with humanity. Not knowing the Sacred Laws creates confusion, disillusionment and difficulties in creating a spiritual life. One cannot claim the extraordinary gifts of awakening without understanding how Spirit works. 

 (Class starts on September 9 and continues Mondays for 12 weeks) see below* 

The Sacred Laws map the way Spirit works and teach us how to work with Spirit

In this 12 week class we learn the Sacred Laws and how to apply them to our lives to deepen our connection with the highest beings of wisdom and light, to make our awakening joyful and to create miracles.

Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi,
Santa Fe, NM

There are four major Sacred Laws that hold all the Spiritual Laws and all of the Laws of the Universe.

1. The Law of Free Will

2. The Law of Love

3. The Law of Truth

4. The Law of Reflection

Here are simple examples of each law:

The first is the Law of Free Will which states that interfering without a request or permission is forbidden. Understanding this law and how to apply it to your life and how to work with your Spirit Guides and Angels in respect to this law will keep you from karmic consequences.

The second is the Law of Love which states that all help and messages must come from a place of love and not fear or any other detrimental energy. Utilizing the power of this wisdom helps to discern if the messages are given to serve the highest good or used to manipulate.

The third is the Law of Truth. Embracing the truth at all times in all things does not mean the whole truth, but embodies the energy of omission. Spirit cannot lie to you but they can choose to not answer, leave out certain information or redirect. If we can embrace the Law of Truth in our daily interactions we will also be more able to get the truth in all areas of our lives.

The fourth is the Law of Reflection. The most common law of the universe under this sacred law is the Law of Attraction, but this law goes much deeper than that by teaching us that all that is held within our consciousness is reflected in the world around us.

This LIVE interactive class will teach you not just the Sacred Laws and the underlying spiritual laws and laws of the universe, but teach you how to embody and incorporate them into your daily life so that you may create what you wish with Spirit with ease.

Starting, Monday, September 9 at 6pmPT/9pmET, continuing for 12 Mondays on conference call, 1 hour classes.

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Call-in instructions for the class will be sent out on via email on the morning of the class. Classes will be recorded via MP3 format and are sent out via email the day after the class. 

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