The Revelation to John

White Eagle is my Spirit Guide. White Eagle is the symbolic name of his spiritual essence, but he had many other names on Earth. He was John the Divine also known as John the Beloved disciple of Christ.  He was the apostle who, after the crucifixion, founded the Seven Churches of the Apocolypse and cared for Mother Mary. He is also the one who wrote the Book of Revelation and the Gospel of John.

The thing about John the Divine is… He lived to be over 100 years old. At age 84 he was imprisoned by a Roman emperor who made 3 attempts at executing him – the last one was boiling him in oil. After he could not be killed by being boiled in oil he was sent to the prison island of Patmos.
During his imprisonment, he wrote “The Revelation to John” which became the last book of the New Testament. The enigmatic and highly symbolic sacred text has been used as a reason for a great deal of fear and anxiety over the ‘end of the world’. The meaning of John’s vision in this text is misunderstood. It is a powerful experience of bringing enlightenment to human consciousness, and not a literal prophecy of events.
Since he is my Guide and we have the author right here – let’s do a class series to understand and utilize the power of his transformative words.

It will be a direct channel from White Eagle to walk us through the power of this extraordinary work!


We will start on Thursday, September 6th via conference call, and meet every Thursday at 6:30pm PT for 4 Thursdays. DATES: September 6, 13, 20, 27.


This may be a bit intense so set aside preconceptions and have a copy of the text!

*Our six 60 to 90-minute sessions will have his instructional lecture and a question and answer session.

*We will need to keep the class size small in order to have interactive opportunities for everyone. 

*We accept attendees on a first come first serve basis. Sign up as soon as you can to join us!

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We begin on Wednesday, August 1st, 2018, at 6:30pm Pacific Time and continue on these Wednesdays – August 8, 15, 29. $123 for the 4 evenings. (A second 4 weeks of sessions may be added for those who wish to learn more).