Spirit Transmissions 2 – Intention is EVERYTHING!

Intention is EVERYTHING – Discussion 2

How successful we are at reaching our goals is defined by our initial intention for having that goal in the first place. Knowing, and being clear on, why you want to do something can make or break your manifestation of that goal. This may not be so apparent in day to day life, but it is critical to your success as a channel and psychic. This is true for two reasons: One – It ensures you get great information and two – it protects you from getting any being other than your guide.

Let us say your goal is the target and your intention is what guides the arrow to the target.

When we work with Spirit we must understand and explore our intentions with brutal honesty. Before embarking on the spiritual path, and before growing in our communications with our guides, going deep into the reasons for doing so will serve you very well in your practice and create success. Therefore, I recommend writing a list of all the reasons you wish to have communication with your guides. Be very honest with your list. Even if it seems like a silly or self-serving reason write it down. HINT: “Being of service” is a non-reason. If that is your answer then you have to look at why you want to be of service. What drives you to help others? Why is helping others important to you? Is it ego? Is it for praise? Is it because you want to be a ‘good’ person? Question your every motive, dig deep and don’t fool yourself.

Once you have looked at all your motivations we must look at the end goal. If you were a magnificent channel – if you were the best channel any one could be – what would you do with this ability? Write a book? Do seminars? Or just keep it private? What is the end goal of all the work it will take to become a great channel? Not being sure of the end goal is OK here, but it is something to keep in mind.

Our intention is not only the pathway to success it is also our protection. For most people, the idea of speaking to spirit is a fearful endeavor simply because they cannot know what spirit they are speaking with. Your intention will define what spirit messages you receive and who the spirit is that brings you the message. If we ask to get messages from any one who will speak with us then we get any random spirit happening to be in the vicinity. When we ask to speak to our guide and only our guide that is all we will get. It really is that simple.

But our intention protects us in other ways. If we want to get messages to impress our friends then we will not get messages of any value and since your guides are not at all interested in impressing your friends you will get messages from an entity that will give you bad information. If we want to get messages to serve the highest good then that calls in the guides that are of service to our highest good. Again, it is that simple.

If you are having trouble connecting with your guides re-evaluate your intention and examine your end goal. See if they are in alignment with spirit’s desire to serve your highest good.

All this being said there is one other thing to think about. Once you know all your motivations and intentions and know why you want to channel, and you know where you want to take your gifts from Spirit, but none of those motivations would be fulfilled or goals would ever be attained, would you still want to connect with Spirit? Would the connection to Spirit in and of itself be enough to carry you forward?

Here is an audio message from my Spirit Guide, White Eagle on this topic:

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