Spirit Transmissions 1 – Spirit vs Ego

Spirit vs Ego – Discussion 1

The age old story. This dynamic has been explored through the ages and still lives in the tales we tell today, but it has many disguises. Good versus Evil is the most common and the easiest to see in this context. From dragons to witches, and even Darth Vader, the evil forces are depicted as a persona that wishes to have control over another. Thank goodness good always triumphs!

These stories resonate with us because they illustrate the constant and continual battle that is within us all the time. Our ego wishes to control us and will use any means necessary to do so. Fear, doubt, demeaning judgment are some of the ego’s most common tools. When we choose to follow Spirit, the ego will do everything it can to stop it. And if we allow ego to rule us and choose to make decisions based on fear, letting our doubts stop us, or fear the judgment of others we will be unable to listen to the soft loving guidance of spirit.

Those who wish to commune with Spirit to receive divine wisdom and guidance cannot allow ego to rule their life. This is why in days of yore the old mystics would not teach the mysteries to some one who had not trained for years to overcome the ego. They had to go through many rituals and ceremonies to face and defeat their fears like vision quests and death ceremonies. These practices gave them an understanding of the illusionary nature of fear and the controlling energy of the ego.

Most of us do not or cannot dedicate years of their life to study that intensely. Therefore we must be aware of how ego plays a part in our day to day life. We must pay attention to the fears we give into. We must pay attention to when doubt creeps into our minds and stops us from doing what our heart desires. We must pay attention to that negative voice in our heads that tells us we are being foolish.

I say pay attention when the ego fights for control because we cannot suppress the ego-mind just like we cannot ignore the elephant in the room. If we try to suppress the ego it will only get stronger. We must instead give it attention to quiet it down. When doubts creep in acknowledge them and even say “thank you” for them. You will be amazed at how easily this works!

“No one can serve two masters…” Matt 6:24. We must choose which voice we will listen to. If we are a typical person then we have been listening to the ego most of our lives. Our inner guidance – our spiritual connection – has become quiet and barely noticeable. To hear the softness of the truth coming through the clatter of the ego-mind we must learn to be quiet and receive. For some of us, meditation will be helpful, for others simple quiet activities like walking, driving, or doing the dishes are enough to quiet the mind for Spirit to be heard.

The importance of knowing the dynamic of your ego cannot be overstated. Spirit will not give information to those who are in it for the pleasure of their ego. If you want to connect with Spirit to have power, fame, money or any other ego feeding intention you will not be given the wisdom you seek.

Those ruled by ego can be psychics and channels but their information is coming from lower level entities that are feeding the ego of the psychic to gain attention. Like attracts like. If your intention is to bolster yourself to get admiration from others you will get a fake guide who is more than happy to cater to you. The information you receive will be at times very good and at times be very, very wrong.

This could even be dangerous. Again we go back to the days of yore when one could not have access to the mysteries without conquering the ego. This was for protection. The ego dynamic attracts the most parasitic of entities that can indeed create chaos in our lives. Proceed knowing and paying close attention to your ego. Do not let the needs of your ego to rule over your connection to spirit.

The first step in creating a great connection to your Spirit Guides is to know yourself. |Be aware of your motivations, keep an eye on what makes you afraid, and notice when those doubts creep in. Take lots of quiet time for yourself and see when the inspiration that fills your heart with vision comes to you.

Here is an audio message from my Spirit Guide, White Eagle on this topic:

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