Spirit Transmissions with Janet Blessings

This free interactive dynamic teaching is available for everyone!

This is what every intuitive, psychic and channel should know!

         This will keep you protected, keep you in integrity, and keep you out of karmic jeopardy as you walk the path with Spirit. This information will also help you get clearer and much more powerful messages and insights from Spirit. 

If you are curious about working with your Spirit Guides!

         Or are having trouble with getting guidance from Spirit, this guide with video, audio and text is a dynamic teaching on the way spirit works so that we may better access their messages and live the amazing experience of connecting with our guides.

Spiritual laws, rules, and intelligence can become commonly understood.

         The communication dynamic between human consciousness and higher consciousness depends on a sympathetic relationship between the two, yet most of us are so far from understanding spiritual consciousness that we become confused and frustrated when trying to connect with our Spirit Guides.

We must learn how the angels think, feel and see the world!

         To align with their energy and receive their wisdom we must know how they communicate, what they will do and not do, how they can help us and how they cannot help us. There are rules that govern their behavior and the more we can understand and work within the boundaries of these rules the better our connection to them is!

“Spirit Transmissions with Janet Blessings” is designed to be a comprehensive study in the ways of Spirit. 

What To Do Next

The links below are access to lessons that are available to all who are curious. Do the lessons in order and allow for a week in between for the understanding to settle and integrate before moving on. 


Spirit Transmissions 1 – Spirit vs Ego



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