Spirit Healing

Spirit Healing is a technique that works with the Guides, Masters, and Angels to clear, protect and heal creating profound and lasting changes in your life.

Mystics understand that all things manifest first in energy form in the energetic bodies. All healing is first activated on the energetic level.

When we work with the Angels, Guides, and Masters we are going directly to the energy that created the problem. Working with Spirit to go to the source of the problem can, in some cases, clear it instantly.

Some types of problems that may be helped with Spirit Healing

Unresolved past life injuries These are usually physical issues that have no known source, or can be emotional blocks to manifesting your heart’s desire.

Dysfunctional relationship patterns – it is especially good to get a clearing after a breakup or when going through a lot of relationship drama – romantic, family or friendships.

Psychic attacks and curses – These are easy to release and we can block people from creating any future interference. While psychic attacks are common since they manifest simply by an emotionally unstable person focusing anger on you, true curses are rare.

Long term chronic conditions – With these, there is generally a higher purpose to the difficulty and if that is the case, then we work with spirit to release suffering and find some comfort and will teach you techniques to help you through your distress.

Traumatic event imprints – We can work with Spirit to heal past traumas from childhood, accidents, past lives, violence or abusive relationships.

Some of the things that may be done during a session:

Cord cutting, protection, general clearing, chakra balancing

Past life reading and healing

Soul retrieval and healing to wholeness. 

Psychic surgery – the Angelic way!

The Angels are guiding this healing at all times so there are many more unexpected techniques they may use to help you. We do this service to help the highest good and work with only the beings of the highest realms. 

All sessions are done via phone or skype and can be at any time to suit your schedule. If you would like to schedule a Spirit Healing session contact Janet Blessings

619-866-4405 or email lightstoneacademy@gmail.com

The time it takes for a healing session is typically 30 minutes to an hour. The charges are for the time spent not the healing done. $75 for 30 minutes, $98 for an hour.


     “I would like to take a moment to thank Janet for all she has done for me!!!   I was going through a very painful and sad time in my life.  I was lost and confused.  Through our healing sessions, Janet helped me to put the pieces of myself that I had lost back into place.  She helped me to feel whole again and to heal the broken parts of my spirit!  She knew the right thing to say at the right time and she knew the guidance and healing I needed to move forward. My life is changed because of the work we have done together!! And I am so very grateful for the love, laughter, and healing she has brought into my life!!   Thank you, Janet!!” – J.L. San Clemente, CA

“Thanks to Janet and her guides I have experienced miraculous shifts and healings in my life. Through her healing sessions, she has activated profound change on the emotional physical and spiritual levels. As a practitioner, she has the ability to find and heal core issues quickly, with tremendous compassion and wisdom. Her powerful insight and gifts are a blessing to everyone she works with. Janet’s natural joy and unconditional love illuminate even the darkest situation. I am forever grateful.” – P.R. – San Francisco, CA


Before we get started:

No person on this site is a medical professional or a doctor. Any and all problems on the physical, emotional and mental levels must be addressed by professionals. This is not a substitute for medical care.

No psychic readings, evaluations, sessions or e-mails are intended to be, and must not be taken to be, the practice of medicine or law. All readings are strictly confidential and are not a substitute for professional medical or legal advice. All readings are conducted with the understanding that each individual is responsible for their own actions past, present and future. Accepting a reading from a reader on this site is an agreement of personal responsibility for all actions taken.