Psychic Training $17 a Month

Janet Blessings is sharing all she knows about developing your intuitive, psychic and spiritual gifts and uploading them via audio lessons on Patreon for only $17 a month. Picture 73

These weekly lessons will grow your psychic senses and spiritual connection almost effortlessly in recordings that are about 20-30 minutes long every week.

Janet Blessings has been teaching spiritual seekers, psychics, mediums, and healers for twenty years and this is the first opportunity to get these teachings at an amazingly low rate. 

Just $17 a month via Patreon!

The first recording in this series is here! JUST CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO SIGN UP – THEN LISTEN

START HERE: Empathic Power – Lesson 1 – Psychic Training

We start with the basic intuitive abilities and helping them grow, then we will work with Tarot, Astral Journeys, Spirit Guides, Mediumship, Spirit Healing, Past Lives, Channeling and more!

This comprehensive program is expected to take many months and is the first of its kind offered by Janet Blessings.

Join us and get all the previous podcasts included!

Questions? Ask Janet at or 505-445-4440