Healing With Spirit


All difficulties, problems, illnesses, and diseases can be healed by Spirit.

Yet we must look at the complexities of how, why and when they manifest to have a clear understanding of how Spirit can help you with the process of healing. Every illness, disease, problem or difficulty has a purpose. Spirit cannot supersede your will nor can Spirit interfere with the path you have chosen to live on this beautiful planet.  The ways in which illness and disease manifest and the reasons they manifest are as complex as the human psyche. There are purely physical reasons for disease, of course, but we shall look at the nonphysical reasons for the focus of this teaching. The origins of our problems can be summarized in 3 categories: the illnesses created by ego, the illnesses manifesting from a memory (either past life memory or traumatic memory of the current lifetime), and the illnesses that are utilized by Spirit to serve the highest good.

When Ego Creates Illness

To heal what illness has been created on the ego level we must understand the ego. Our ego keeps us separate in order to create its identity. The true reason we have an ego as human beings is to have an identity that is separate from others. It is the power of knowing who we are as singular entities. An unhealthy or unbalanced ego is the ego that is making all the decisions which guide our life, our perceptions, and our beliefs. The ego is interested in anything that makes us separate and ego being in control of our lives is how most people live in this time. Ego-based life choices would be those made for or against status, fame, wealth. Many people chose partners and careers based on the demands of the ego to be better than or less than another. Perceptions can be manipulated by the ego to show us what is right and wrong, who is good or bad, and all things that include judgment of oneself or another – especially how we think we will be perceived by others for our looks, actions or desires. The ego creates beliefs in order to keep us separate. Some of these beliefs have a devastating and tragic impact such as racism, sexism, and some religious beliefs that put one group of people as blessed by divinity over another. All of the tools the ego uses for control can be hidden in the unconscious and covered up with denial. It takes a great deal of self-examination, courage, and honesty to uncover what we have hidden that holds us in throes of the ego’s power.

The diseases and illnesses that ego creates are an effort to stay in control (separate), prove a point or are manifested by the law of attraction.  An example of the law of attraction creating illness is someone who wishes to take an extended time off work but won’t act on it or do it on purpose, so they get in an accident that debilitates them enough to make them take the time off. Sometimes it is just a week off with the flu. The ego wishes to stay in control and if we desire to start the spiritual path the ego may create havoc in our lives to warn us off the spiritual path. We may be unable to attend that spiritual retreat due to an illness, accident or some financial difficulty. When the ego wishes to prove a point it may be through an illness that manifests from feelings of ‘less than’ sometimes this can be long-term chronic illnesses and sometimes even depression. It can even create illness through the concept of being special, like being so important people have to attend to you. When an illness is ego based it can be cleared by seeing the process by which it came about, understanding the unconscious benefit of having the problem and negotiating a different path to your desired outcome. This takes a great deal of self-awareness and a willingness to see the truth of what is hidden underneath all that denial.

When Past Lives Create Illness

The memory of an illness is just as real as any other illness. If the malady is a past life memory it may come out of the blue and not have any physical explanation. It generally occurs at an age when you had an injury or illness in a past life. If you got a neck injury at the age of 20 in a past life due to a trauma, in this life at age 20 it may manifest as a neck pain that has no physical reason for being and no medical explanation. Or you could relive the injury in another traumatic event at the same age. If an illness is from a trauma in this lifetime you would relieve it at intervals of the same age. If you had a trauma at age 7, every seven years you could re-experience it or have some events or feelings that remind you of it. There is a very good reason for these memories coming up in your current circumstances – they are coming up to be released and healed; a process which Spirit can very easily help with as long as the ego has not created an identity attachment to it.

When Spirit Creates Illness

Illness and disease may come up to help you on the path you chose to live before you were even born. They may serve a purpose in your life that is unknown to you. They are harder to clear because they serve very important purposes, ones that may never be fully known to you. These can include any and all illnesses and at any time in your life; but they are always ones you have had since birth. It is also important to note that the manner and means that cause death always align with the spiritual purpose of the life. Just as we may never truly understand the purpose for the difficulties we were born under, those left behind after the death of a loved one may equally be confused about the reasons behind it. All we can do is find peace with these things and know there is a greater good in this mystery.

Healing With Spirit

Here we have outlined the unconscious nonphysical reasons for illnesses and disease, and they are also the reasons for every difficulty, hardship, and trauma in our lives. If you are willing to work with Spirit to heal, then Spirit is willing to work with you. The complexity of healing equals the complexity of the purpose of the illness. It takes courage, patience, honesty, and desire to be healed. With the loving hand of your Spirit Guides and Angels, it can be accomplished with wisdom and grace.

~Master White Eagle via Janet Blessings

Healing With Spirit Together

We are gathering a group to be lead by Master White Eagle to heal with Spirit if you should like support, guidance, insight and to be healed. He will be leading the conversation, engaging questions and offering to heal in any area of your life. Join us to see how Spirit is truly your healer. We will meet via conference call so you can join us from anywhere in the world.

Our four 90-minute sessions will each be accompanied by White Eagle’s wise writing before the session. These writings are to prepare you with intention, reflection and a bit of homework to get the maximum benefit from your healing. Each session will be part of a greater healing to take place on your behalf so no session can be missed.

We begin on Thursday, June 28, 2018, at 6:30pm Pacific Time and continue on the subsequent Thursdays – July 5, July 12 and July 19. $123 for the 4 weeks. (A second 4 weeks of sessions is added for those who wish to learn more – see below)

You must sign up by Sunday, June 24th to participate.

The preparatory writing for the class will be sent out Monday June 25th along with the instructions for call in.  Use this PayPal link to join us! https://www.paypal.me/janetblessings/123

This promises to be a loving but intense process and the greatest trust in placed in you as an attendee to keep the sharing confidential and private. In honor of this we will not be recording these sessions. Please contact Janet Blessings with any questions or requests for assistance. lightstoneacademy@gmail.com 619-866-4405.

*Healing With Spirit I sessions schedule as follows:

Week 1 – Understanding Receiving, Intentions for Healing, Spirit Gifts – Healing Mediation with Spirit

Week 2 – Ego Barriers to healing, Allowing Spirit to Create Change – Healing Mediation with Spirit

Week 3 – Past Life Trauma, clearing and releasing old cycles – Healing Mediation with Spirit

Week 4 – Forging a new path, keeping clear and utilizing your Guides – Healing Mediation with Spirit

This topic will go into a second optional block of sessions starting July 26 (prerequisite: Healing with Spirit I).

*Healing With Spirit II sessions schedule as follows:

Week 5 – Clearing blocks, Understanding the origins of illness and recognizing their purpose – Healing Mediation with Spirit

Week 6 – Psychic attacks, cutting cords, blocking unwanted energy – Healing Mediation with Spirit

Week 7 – Helping others heal with Spirit, healing without interference – Healing Mediation with Spirit

Week 8 – Creating Miracles, Co-Creating with Spirit – Healing Mediation with Spirit

The second set of sessions will be more in-depth offering powerful tools to use on your own and for others. The second set of these sessions is: $175. You can sign up for both sessions by June 24th for $240 – but remember this is a commitment to attend. Attendance is mandatory to get the benefit of these sessions. https://www.paypal.me/janetblessings/240

*Topics and teachings may change due to the needs of the group and only under Spirit’s direction.