2018 Classes

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Within the hidden depths of your soul there is a wealth of wisdom easily accessible to everyone!

Intimate, fast-paced and profound awakening spiritual courses by LIGHTSTONE ACADEMY OF PSYCHIC ARTS founder, Janet Blessings learn how to unlock the hidden powers within. 

These courses are not your typical canned, prepackaged lessons. They are once a week interactive and intimate experiences to give you personal attention and support from your peers! Taking you to the next level of awakening with only eight students per class, but sign up quick to get in on these great offerings! Every month we have courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced psychics. With new courses every month there is always something exciting going on!

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STARTING January 4, 2018

How To Channel Your Guides

Online VIDEO course!

We learn, practice and grow together as our connection with Spirit deepens to the profound experience of channeling. Channeling is more than getting messages that will change your life, channeling is healing on a deep and profound level. When we channel we are enveloped in the loving pure energy of our guides that will ease our journey and create a powerful communication, creating an opening between worlds to take you beyond the mundane into the sacred.

Our class groups are small, supportive and open-hearted creating a loving energy to help you connect with your guides,  awakening a portal to Spirit that is safe, healing and profound.

We gather as experts and novices. All levels of abilities are welcome. For those new to channeling you will get practices and experience to connect which will make you an expert quickly. For those who are already channeling you will get the experience and practice to take your gifts to the next level!

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STARTING January 15, 2018

White Eagle Teaches – Sacred SecretsWHITE EAGLE FINAL3_ 4JANET (1)

These channeled transmissions are LIVE teachings by Ascended Master, White Eagle.  Each week White Eagle will choose a topic that explores the spiritual mysteries that have been hidden throughout the ages! The topics are provocative and dynamic, changing weekly for 4 weeks. He speaks in a relatable and conversational style that engages the attendees and invites participation. This experience includes a topical Q&A with White Eagle! 

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 MORE 2018 classes coming soon!

Some comments from past classes:

Now I have my own blog and clear guidance with the next step of developing my own pathways of communications and sharing.”

I am now able to connect from a grounded space with my guides and am receiving deep levels of guidance.”

The level of connection I developed through your teachings  is profound.

I loved the group setting, it assisted me in moving through  any fears of sharing my own abilities to connect, and share channeled messages from my guides.”

Call in instructions for the class will be sent out on via email on the morning of the class.

Classes will be recorded via MP3 format and are sent out via email the day after the class. 

QUESTIONS? Contact Janet Blessings at 619-866-4405 or lightstoneacademy@gmail.com