What are Spirit Guides, What Do Spirit Guides Do and Where are They?

We come into this world with helpers from before we take our first breath until we take our last breath we have Spirit Guides to assist us in every way they can. They are angels, ascended masters, messengers, ancestors, and star beings. Most of us have many guides and many types of guides. Some guides are with us our whole lives and some come into our lives and leave our lives as our life path changes.

Spirit Guides do not exist in this reality, they exist in another reality, dimension, or realm. They are not like ghosts that are living in the human world. Instead, they are in their realm offering guidance through a means of communication we don’t truly comprehend. They live outside this world and all its limitations. From their realms, they can access us any place and anytime in our existence to help. They live outside of time. They live outside of the limitations of space. Therefore they can be anywhere and everywhere at once. They are with us at all times.

They communicate with us through various means. Sometimes telepathically, sometimes through feelings (physical or emotional), sometimes through visions or images in our minds, sometimes through a voice or words in our heads; and sometimes through the physical world by conveying their message through songs on the radio, overheard conversations in public, animal appearances and so on.

It is very rare for Spirit Guides to show up in the physical world or that we hear them with our physical ear. When they do it is similar to a hologram, like projecting their image into this reality. This is a very rare event and most people never experience this, because the guides must follow the sacred laws. One of which is to never cause fear and other is to not interfere with your life.

Not causing fear means they must always be mindful to keep their presence within the boundaries of what you can accept. Therefore they are respectful and gentle and their presence is known to you by means of subtle communications, hints, nudges, and signs. A big part of what you experience with your guides is up to how open you are to their help.

Not interfering means that the guides cannot help you without your request. You must ask for help in order to get help. They cannot magically make your life better unless you ask and are willing and open to this occurring. Our doubts and fears keep us from being fully open to their assistance. Our guides can make our lives so much easier if we ask them for help. From finding a parking space to landing that great job our guides can help us in big and small ways if we are to ask. We do not need to be a great channel in order to get help from our guides, they will help us whether we can hear them or see them or not.

There is also no bargaining energy with your guides. You do not need to be good, or make a deal, or do anything that you think will please them in order for them to help you. You just need to be willing to receive the help. The energy of treating your guides with respect, reverence and gratitude will go a long way to open you up to get more from them, yet, it is not for their sake that this helps but for yours. Your guides will never punish you or stop helping you for any reason ever.

There are times when we feel the guides are not around us or not communicating with us. These can be times when they are allowing us to go through changes or transitions and making choices on our own. But they are always available to help us even when they feel far away.

Guides are here to help us through their wisdom, their specialties, and experience. Some people have healer guides, some people have artist guides, some people have teacher guides, and so on. Yet all guides have access to all the mysteries of the universe! And so do we! The limitation we have for understanding all the mysteries of the universe is our own curiosity (or lack of curiosity).

When we dedicate ourselves to the practice of communicating with the guides we get more: more help, more guidance, more love, more insight, more from them and more from life.

I am very happy to assist anyone in strengthening their connection to Spirit. It is my calling and my joy to help others feel the power of the wisdom, love, healing, and connection that blesses those who open to Spirit.

Contact me for assistance or with your questions: Janet Blessings Lightstoneacademy@gmail.com 505-445-4440

Why Did I Manifest This?

The conflict of the mind plays out in outer reality. Some wonder “Why did I manifest this?” Whatever is present within is also created in physical form. If in your life your parent told you that you were no good, unless that is resolved and released from within your psyche, and you have silenced that inner chatter, it will play out in your life repeatedly. If you are finding yourself being challenged to defend and argue your worth with others, then it is not yet resolved. Take each opportunity that challenges your worth as an example of what has yet to be addressed for your growth.

Each experience of pain, conflict and dysfunction is an opportunity to further your spiritual growth. Acknowledge your part in the writing of the script that is going on in the play of your life then find the truth in your heart. If the truth in your heart is that you have value as a being of the Divine then allow that truth to become the inner chatter. You can direct your mental energy by meditation, prayer, ceremony or affirmation. These practices re-program your psyche to disengage the patterns of the past and re-format to download a new program of Divine Being.  As you do this you will see there will be fewer people in your life who see you as worthless and more who see you as the Divine beauty you are.

The Universe in all its dimensions is a mirror of the Divine. All that is created spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally is a reflection of the Divine. All that goes on around you in your life is an opportunity to see yourself. That is all life is. Your life is an experience created by you for you to see yourself.

Understanding and acting on this wisdom can create a freedom and a power to release you from your painful past and create a life of beauty that has yet to be experienced in your reality. Some are not interested in a life of beauty, harmony and love. They feel this would be boring, dull and uninspired. But the contrary is true – a life lived in harmony with the Divine and released of the painful past is a thrilling joy ride of creation, excitement, and wonder. I challenge you to try it and see for yourself.

May your outer world reflect the miracle that is you.


White Eagle

The Choice of Enlightenment

The path of enlightenment is a choice, a choice we are making every moment of every day.

We cannot only choose it once then be satisfied in the next moment we are on the path to enlightenment. For our egos do not prefer enlightened views of harmony, unity beauty.

The ego seeks to separate us from all other things and create chaos to remain in control. Ego acts in desperate need to control and keep its identity through control of your thoughts actions, perceptions. 

If you are finding yourself in chaos, conflict and fear then you are under the control of ego. Once you are aware that you are under the control of ego, you can choose differently.

You can choose to alter your perception to see the beauty behind the chaos, the gift beyond the fear, the wisdom underlying the conflict. Is some one out to harm you, angry at you, in conflict with you?

 If you are under the burden of dis-harmony then you can choose a new view to get back on the path to enlightenment.  

Take a moment to breathe, to ask for a new perception, view or understanding of the circumstances. Allow your heart to guide your perception.

There is beauty, harmony and unity in all things – we only need to allow our hearts to guide us to see them.


White Eagle

From the Star Beings re: Divine Self

Star Nations 

Question: What is Level 2 Star Blessing?


“We come to you with great honor. We have created a way for you to integrate the part of yourself that resides in Spirit. Your body is a vessel for your soul, which receives your life force energy from your Higher-self, God-Self, or Divine-Self who is always conscious and connected to the Divine Plan.

“Your soul in your body is the self that functions on the earthly plane and is allowing it’s experience to be directed by your life’s experiences, beliefs and perceptions. Your Divine Self, who is always connected to the Divine Being, the Creator, the Giver of All Life, is being guided by the Divine mind and is at One with this consciousness. Level 2 of the Star Blessing creates an integration of your Soul with your Divine Self that will enable your conscious life to function along the pathway of the Divine plan with the least resistance.

“Many ask as they travel through life what they are ‘supposed’ to do, wondering what is their true mission in Life. We offer this blessing as a way to connect to Source and discover the answer to this question yourself. There is no one who can answer the request for the wisdom of your life’s purpose better than your Divine Self. This blessing creates a permanent connection to your Divinity within your consciousness, so that confusion, indecision, and fear no longer rule your life. You become an active part of fulfilling your own Divine Plan and your life flows with the ease of knowing who you are and what you are to do.

“The separation of human consciousness from Divine Self has been the source of pain, dysfunction, fear, anxiety, and depression for eons. This separation had it’s Divine purpose on the evolutionary path of the Earth. Now separation is no longer necessary for us to grow. It is time to unite what has been separated. Now it is time be at One. We must take the next step on our evolutionary path by embracing Unity and Oneness with all life. Through conscious creation with the life force of your Divine Self you add a new dimensiality to your life. You become a four dimensional being. Your life will be guided by Love, Compassion, Vision and Joy.

“We offer the Level 2 Star Blessing Initiation through Janet because she has united her vision of humanity with Divine Source and has prayed for a way to help others in the simplest way possible. Our gift to you through her is the answer not only to her prayer but your prayer to end the dysfunction in your life, release the fears you live with and create a life fulfilled.

“We are at your service in this most pivotal time in history as you courageously take your next step in your evolutionary path.”

In Light,
– The Blessed Star Beings

For more information or to get a  Star Blessing, call Janet at 619-866-4405 or go to: https://lightstoneacademy.com/instantly-open-to-spirit/ for schedules and locations.


Message from The Star Nations

Question: What is the Star Blessing?

“The Star Blessing is a unique gift from Spirit. Never before has this gift been offered to humanity. The Star Nations, beings of light who are assisting with the evolution of the Earth, now offer this gift to clear the pathway and create a channel to Spirit. This channel once opened will enable you to receive messages of magnificent wisdom and practicality. In addition the Star Blessing brings incredible healing to serve your individual needs. It is the awakening you have been praying for. It is a blessing from the Divine Source of all Life. There is no one who cannot benefit from this blessing. It opens the channels to the highest beings of light making the connection clear and deep. This gift has never before been experienced in this realm. It is only at this time of all times when humanity is asking for guidance and spiritual growth, has it been now been made available. We are answering your prayers.

 “The Star Blessing is similar to a Reiki attunement. The Star Blessing creates a permanent pathway to the Divine. In a Reiki attunement one receives symbols in the aura to become a channel for spiritual healing energy. In the Star Blessing initiation the same is true, except – it opens the mind and heart to receive a deep connection to communicate with the highest beings of light. We are answering your prayers, and now you have the way to listen to our answers. 

“Be awake! This is a gentle gift of great power. We offer it now for you to receive the guidance you have been asking for. Once you get the blessing you will be initiated into the next step on your evolutionary path. No more will you be confused over who you are and what you are to do. You will view the world in a way that leads you to the next step in your development. Joyfully embrace your life on Earth. This is the life you have been waiting for! We celebrate your every step. We can’t wait to tell you all the wonderful things that await you, and answer all your questions in a way that lights your path with profound beauty.

 “Through prayer, effort and alignment with our vision for humanity, Janet has been gifted the Star Blessing initiation to pass on to the world. At this time she is the only person who is to give this blessing. She will some day be called to pass it on to others, so that others who are called may give the Star Blessing initiation, but for now she is the only one alive in this realm to pass the blessing on. We ask that you receive this blessing with reverence and gratitude, knowing that it is sacred. It is a simple gift that’s effect is magnificent. Its value to your life is immeasurable.


“Now is the time to open to Spirit! The Earth is changing rapidly and your connection to the Divine Source is here to help you find your way through these changes. Before now one must diligently meditate and practice to be connected to Divine Source. Now we offer you the simplest method to awaken your channel and be part of your own evolutionary path creating a ripple of healing for all those around you. Your conscious participation in the Earth changes effect humanity in such a way as to bring harmony, health and prosperity. As I am sure you have heard from many sages, wise ones, and the Masters, that continuing an unconscious life in this time of change may create great difficulty for humanity.

 “Tarry no more! We gift to you the greatest power we have to offer in this moment to ease your life’s burdens. Now you can be awakened. Now your difficulties can be eased. Now your power can be revealed.”

 —The Blessed Star Beings

To get your Star Blessing, or invite Janet to give the Star Blessing for your group go to: https://lightstoneacademy.com/instantly-open-to-spirit/

To learn more about how Janet received the Star Blessing go to: https://lightstoneacademy.com/2009/06/27/the-star-blessing/

Contact Janet at: 619-248-4082 * lightstoneacademy@gmail.com


The Star Blessing

The Star Blessing

I’ve had an amazing experience on Vision Quest this past June. I Quested in a Faerie Ring in a beautiful forest. From the first night until the last many miracles, signs and messages were received. I feel like I truly had an other-worldly experience. To write the whole experience here now is a little much for me, as I am still assimilating, integrating and trying to ease back into daily life. I feel compelled to tell you a little of my experience.

I couple of years ago I was at a workshop in which we were to write messages from the Angels. One of the women was having a tough time doing this and came to me for help. I asked Spirit’s guidance and in a few moments, with some gentle words and Spirit energy, I instantly opened her channel. She got a flood of information after that. It was a miracle I thought I could never repeat.

The last night of my Vision Quest in the vortex of protection of the Faeries, Star Nations and Angels, I got the instructions on how to repeat this miracle, and how to do it for any one seeking guidance from their Angels. It is called The Star Blessing. I am honored and humbled to receive this amazing gift from those who have been guiding, protecting and blessing humanity for eons.

Through my work I have always sought to open the channels to Spirit for humanity in any way possible. Being connected to Spirit, hearing, knowing, seeing, and feeling the loving messages of the Ascended Masters and Beings of Divine Love, has been the greatest gift of my life. My faith in this vision, and my trust in Spirit has inspired me to bring this to our community.

I am going to be offering The Star Blessing when I present at our next Women’s MoonLodge located here in central San Diego, July 2nd.

I hope to be presenting this blessing to many more in the future. If you would like to contact me to receive The Star Blessing or for me to present it to your group, I would be deeply honored. I have not yet been instructed on how to do this long-distance so it must be an in-person blessing for the time being.

In Love,


lightstoneacademy@gmail.com  619-248-4082

UPDATE: We had great success at Moonlodge! 25 blessings were done and 25 people instantly channeled!!! To get your Star Blessing go to: https://lightstoneacademy.com/instantly-open-to-spirit/

How Do I Know All This Stuff?

It has been a very busy past few months for me. I haven’t been very active writing articles here but there is a good reason for it.

I have been working to help out my teachers. Those that have really honored me with the wisdom that I pass on to all of you. Spirit has lead me to these amazing people because I asked for teachers of integrity who could take me to the next level. I learned much from books and my Guides, but there is no substitute for the person in your life that can hold you through the process of growth with loving care.

The teachers I am speaking of are part of Sisters of Honua. They are the true wisdom keepers who have been gifted their wisdom from the generations before. I give my heart to these women who have held me in my darkest moments, who have taught me what it is to be a true teacher, and shown me how to allow the student to teach themselves, and that most of all the student is the true teacher.

I am indebted to them. The Lightstone Academy would not be here without them.

In gratitude I am the organizer of an event called “Day of Miracles”. Which is taking place in San Diego in June 6th, 10am to 4pm.

It is a huge honor for me to do this for these amazing women. It fills my heart and makes me richer than I ever imagined. This event will raise funds to help them get their teachings out, and in some cases keep them warm in the winter or help with medical expenses. Many of our wisest teachers, find themselves in financial difficulties at this time. We join our hearts so that they may be held as they hold us. They are my most cherished resource.

Many of us Lightstone Academy Members have joined in to honor our Wise Ones. Raja, Jennifer Masters, Melinda, Hannah, Zara, Bradley, Talia Morales. We invite you to join us.

The Day of Miracles is a fundraiser that is so much more. It is an offering of healing sessions, and psychic readings with the best our community has to offer. Our guests will not only be giving a great gift to our teachers but recieve gifts that will change their lives. $50 pays for 3 sessions, lunch and entertainment.

Please join me, and sign up today or tomorrow (registration ends tomorrow, May 31st midnight). If you want to come but if you are late registering just let me know. Send me a private e-mail with your intention to come, and I’ll see if I can arrange it.

If you can’t come offer up your support by hitting the “donate” button at the bottom of the page www.dayofmiracles2009.com Any amount, even a dollar, sends your energy and light to them, and they are blessed by your gift. When our elders are blessed we are all the richer.

Hear the interview with Kaliani on 88.3 about Day of Miracles:

88.3 Day of Miracles interview

Ukehi (We are grateful)