Angel Power Using Crystal Vortex

Creating a force field with the heavenly beings of Angels, Masters and Guides to clear, protect and bless your life, your home and even your neighborhood!

In this LIVE interactive class you will learn:

Ghostbusting * Protection * House Blessing * Curse Lifting


This is a NEW method of amazing power!

We learn how to create a vortex of energy with crystals to keep out negative spirits, ghosts, and entities. And we learn how to work with the Angels to remove curses and protect us from psychic attacks!

As intuitives we are sensitive to all types of energy and negative energy coming from various sources can be a drain on our abilities and our lives. 

My guides have given me a very powerful way of clearing your space and keeping it cleared; upgrading the frequency of your home and surrounding area. I will be teaching how to use this incredible power with integrity and alignment with the Earth. 

In this LIVE 4 session class over 4 weeks we will learn how to:

~ Protect from psychic attacks, negative energy, harmful entities

~ Clear out and keep out any and all ghosts, entities disembodied energies that interfere with your well being

~ Create a vortex of energy that will work in alignment with the guardians of your land. 

~ Remove curses for ourselves and others

This LIVE interactive weekly teaching is only available to the first 10 people who register! All you need is a phone!

STARTING  ~ Monday, June 12, 2017 – 6:30PM – 7:45PM Pacific Time (9:30-10:45PM Eastern Time) $98

Join us!

REGISTER BY Saturday, June 10th!  HERE

Class dates are: 6/12, 6/19, 6/26, 7/3

These are the kind of crystals I recommend:

Call in instructions for the class will be sent out on via email on the morning of the class.

Classes will be recorded via MP3 format and are sent out via email the day after the class. 

QUESTIONS? Contact Janet Blessings at 619-866-4405 or