Clearing Persecution for Mystics, Healers and Psychics

Original Art by Angel Burns

Calling all magic folks!

Witch/Magic Archetypal Clearing for the New Moon Sunday, January 26, 2020 at 4pm Pacific Time!


This event is for you if you:

*Ever feel like you are doing something ‘wrong’ by being a healer

*Ever get embarrassed to say you are psychic

*Feel like you have to hide your power objects from your family

*Or just feel like you should hide your spiritual beliefs for some vague reason in the back of your mind.

These are the symptoms of unconscious fears of being seen as powerful. In the past those tuned into spiritual or earth energies were persecuted through torture, banishment and death. We still hold those memories in our unconscious on a soul level or DNA level. This fear, guilt and shame about who we are keeps us hiding from the world.

All psychics, intuitives, oracles, energy workers, empaths, lightworkers, witches, and mystics carry the lineage in DNA and soul memory of persecution. It is time to clear it all!

It is time to shine our light! We will clear the unconscious need to keep hidden with a powerful new technique.

ON Sunday, January 26 at 4pmPacific/7pm Eastern

click to join!

We are offering an archetypal clearing to release the shame, guilt, and pain that we all carry from generations and lifetimes are being misunderstood, hurt, punished, killed, made to feel bad about who we are and made to feel inferior.

We will be releasing from lineage, including all historical and planetary instances. We will emerge from hiding to feel light, welcome and accepted by the world.

The technique we are using is spiritual technology that links eye movements to pure consciousness, this allows for deep clearing. You can then release from physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and karmic layers. It also works on ancestral and archetypal patterns that are passed down through generations, as well as patterns that remain in thoughts, beliefs, and within Earth’s energy field.

This event is hosted by Janet Kadow of


Raja Elohim presenting her powerful clearing technique

Author: Janet Kadow

Founder of the Lightstone Academy of Psychic Arts, Spiritual Inspiration Writer, Teacher of Psychic Arts

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