Instantly Channel with a Star Blessing

A personal account of the experience of the Star Blessing

By Dennie Lee

A gift from the Heavens, this blessing opens you instantly to the Divine Beings who have messages to serve you on your path to your highest potential.

The Star Blessing instantly unlocks the blocks to Spirit -without meditation, journey or difficult Spiritual practice. At Level 1 you will instantly have an awakening to communicate with the Highest Beings of Light, the Angels, and the Ascended Masters. At Level 2 you will integrate your Divine Self with your consciousness. At Level 3 you will connect with your Star Family” Janet Lightstone

My Personal Experiences:

June 2009

The 1st Star Blessing begins with you picking a card from an Oracle deck of Ascended Masters. The card you pick is the Ascended Master you will channel after receiving the Star Blessing. The experience was magical! Each person’s experience is unique. I saw colors in multi dimensions during the brief ceremony. Afterwards, I sat quietly gazing at my Ascended Masters’ card when an instantaneous personal dialogue began. I wrote down all the messages I received from Ascended Master El Morya. It was truly amazing!

Anyone can have a Star Blessing and instantly channel without any formal training or special abilities.

October 2009

The 2nd Star Blessing opened me even further. I had an “out of body” journey and found myself in the Universe where a white light appeared to me. I asked questions and received answers. I witnessed a rock splitting, gases and light exploding…the formation of the Universe. There were no physical side affects other than being tired, and getting the best nights sleep I’ve had in a very long time. I am so grateful to my “Blessing group”, and especially to Janet. The experience was enlightening! Now I have the knowledge and the inner strength to own my purpose.

December 2009

With the 3rd Blessing you will feel an energy that is identifiable and relative to the Star Family that you are originally from. It is a HUGE energy, and nothing to be fearful of. A few hours after the Blessing, I felt an energy shift within, a strong powerful “knowing” that I am doing exactly what I was meant to do. In addition, it came with a feeling of self confidence. Best of all… I’m not alone. Not only is my star family with me and I feel a part of them, but I know a living star sister…Daphne. The 3rd Blessing you’ll understand the connection between your purpose and the “family” you came from “in the beginning”. Once revealed, you will feel “the force” and think you are able to change the world, or at the very least, feel like you can!

March 2010

I will preface here that when Janet was first gifted the Star Blessings from the Star Nations, she was aware of only 3 blessings, and since then it has been revealed to her that there are more.

I was given the 4th Star Blessing over the phone. Although it is as brief as the other 3 blessings to receive, the results are intensely profound. This Blessing was similar to the “out of body” experience of the 2nd Blessing. I found myself back in the vast darkness of the Universe, but instead of seeing a bright light, I heard a booming voice speak from seemingly nowhere. I saw my true essence, my energy. The voice asked me a question and along with my answer I was given a “task”. I returned from my journey and quietly meditated for 30 minutes until Janet called to check on me, and my experience. It was only a couple hours later that I felt dizzy from this Blessing which lasted 4 hours. The next few days you are to be kind to yourself, rest if you feel you need it. (And, I tend to plug onward even when I’m sick, so “rest” for me is defined as not exercising). On the 3rd day Janet instructed that I had to be “in the sun with nature” for 3 hours, which could be divided up between the following 3 days, or all on 1 day. (Keeping in mind that it’s the middle of March in New York and there was not much sun, this was a bit challenging). However, I took a thermos of hot decaff coffee and sat on my deck and watched and listened to the birds discuss and build their nests. (I could actually understand what they were saying). On the 7th day your “task” needs to be completed. I felt I completely understood mine, but not convinced that I emulated it. However, the following day, it was apparent I had succeeded because something amazing occurred. On the 8th day, I had just completed my nightly ritual of charging my Reiki Grid when I felt that same HUGE energy. I listened and waited…I asked if anyone was there…Time passed in silence, and then it was gone. I contacted Janet about this experience and she concurred that I had just received an “upgrade” from the Star Nations.

This 4th Blessing has proven to be the most intense in terms of my direction. Since this Blessing my attention has been focused on my Psychic abilities, and not as much on Reiki. I began researching for local Psychic Fairs and contacting the organizers to participate. A newly made friendship assisted me in taking my picture to put together a Brochure in 8 hours, and with Devine guidance, composed the contents, the Copy for advertising and my BIO. I also ordered copious amounts of business cards, brochures and pens, plus more Decks of Oracle cards just 5 weeks after this Blessing. Oh! And, I started my own Blog: just 4 weeks after this Blessing.

To conclude, I am so passionate about the Star Blessings that I have asked Janet to be her Apprentice, which she has agreed to. I am so grateful to Janet and I can’t thank her enough for this amazing, magical gift.

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