June 2008 Newsletter

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The Lightstone Academy of Psychic Arts


  Take the Psychic Quiz!                                                                                                          June 2008

Great new updates, changes, services and ways to embrace your potential have arrived! Challenge yourself and gear up for a great summer with Spirit. As the world around us seems to be falling apart, those in touch with their intuition are excited to face their futures and ready for anything! 
To get you excited about your future The Lightstone Academy of Psychic Arts is now offering on-line training! This includes the same benefits of Psychic Arts Personal Training at half the cost. Being an Academy member not only offers innovative, easy psychic training but also offers student groups, in-person meetings and public readings for those ready to test their skills.
It’s time to live your life to your full potential! it’s easier and more affordable than ever!
See if you are ready by taking the Psychic Quiz, it’s FR*EE! I will personally evaluate your responses to let you know if you are a natural Emapth, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, or Medium, and offer simple ways to grow stronger in your intuition and your connection to Spirit!
Also new is White Eagle’s Blog. You can read up on his latest messages of wisdom anytime you like.
While you’re on the web-site don’t forget to check out our upcoming events. The Lightstone Academy is participating to raise funds in support of EarthWisdom at the July 5th, 2008Day of Miracles” event. We are proud and honored to join our community in support of those who support humanity and the Earth.
Wishing you abundant joy and love under the summer sun.
In gratitude,
Janet Lightstone

How to Find Your Car Keys

Some Academy members have trouble believing they are psychic because they don’t ‘see’ things. Many are feelers – their intuitive sense works by feeling which is called empathic ability.
Empaths can feel other people’s emotions. They can feel when some one they love is thinking of them or angry with them. They can feel the energy of a room and most don’t like being in crowded places and have frequent emotional ups and downs. If you have these experiences then you too may be an empath.
To me empathic ability is the most profound of the psychic gifts. Being able to feel an answer in the body provides the validation and assurance that psychics need to be confident in their answers.
Learning how your empathic ability works to get answers is the challenge for many empaths, but it’s really easy!
You can use your empathic ability to navigate your way through an unfamiliar neighborhood, feel if some one is lying to you  or even find your car keys.


Take the Psychic Quiz!

1. When you meet some one for the first time do you remember their name easily?
2. Do you have dreams that came true?

3. Can you easily picture scenes or objects in your mind?


Living In Harmony with Community of Heart


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Little Book of Light
HeartSong CD 

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